Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Along came Miss Marshmallow

Well. Here we are, the first post on MLM. I will admit, I've been wondering how to begin. I've always found beginnings to be the most difficult, whether it be starting a paragraph, starting a conversation, or just starting the laundry. Once I get that first sentence or ice-breaker or dirty sock, I find my way, and soon I'm rolling as smoothly as a ball down the hill that I grew up on. 
I've begun this blog as a way to share and catalog one of my great passions, cooking. I know that there are untold numbers of food blogs out there, and in fact, it was reading some of those blogs that planted the tiny seed of MLM into my mind. Reading those blogs, seeing the passion and interest, and above all, the fun, that their authors had with food...I found it comforting, in a way. I often label myself a food nerd, and (I say this with all the respect and admiration in the world) I enjoyed reading the chronicles of other food nerds more than I would have imagined. Of course I have cookbooks, I heartily enjoy certain shows on food-oriented TV channels, and I'm always ready to go to a great restaurant. Something about these blogs was different. Most of these people are not food professionals, or food is a second or third career. These were people like me, cooking at home, enjoying success and failure, and sharing it with me. They moved me to try new things, push my little experiments a bit further, have the confidence to say "Try this! What do you think?" to more people. I got such enjoyment from these blogs that they moved me to try my hand at my own, in the hope that someone, somewhere, will take away from MLM what I took away from those others. 

Welcome to My Little Marshmallow, present and future friends. Thank you for beginning this journey with me. 


Anonymous said...

I just started myself and it has been a wonderful experience. Welcome! The Amateur Gourmet has a lot of great advice for starting bloggers that I highly recommend. Happy blogging!

Tim said...