Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prepare for the Deluge!

First off, I must apologize for taking so long between posts. I cooked nearly every day last week, but somehow, nothing was really photogenic. This week though, be ready. There's just a lot in the pipeline. Blog news, pizza, cookies, etc, etc. 

First off, blog news. 
You may have noticed there's a new addition to the sidebar on the left. That is the Foodie BlogRoll! I've been accepted as a member now that my food-centric blog is more than a month old. It's a fun thing; it will refresh to keep showing you the newest blogs added to the Foodie BlogRoll, as well as some that get randomly selected. It's a good way for us to get more traffic onto our blogs and share what we love with more and more people. So go on, click on some links, and explore what's cooking in the Foodie Blog World! 

And now, back to the eats!

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