Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Urban Cavemen

It finally happened. The new Whole Foods opened. For months, we've been waiting, watching, wondering when the opening would be, and it was last Wednesday. Finding a parking spot was a battle, and there were folk everywhere. The whole event, with people grasping for free samples and ignoring parking lot etiquette... it all just made me think of cavemen. 
Can't you imagine cavemen, having just heard of or found a new food source, all exploring it, checking out every nook and cranny, feeling protective of it, as if it will disappear if they don't get to it this very second? That's what the new Whole Foods looked like this week. I have it on good authority that they made more than $250,000 in profit the very first day. In PROFIT people! On the first day! 
I'm not going to judge. I was there too, looking for ingredients and products that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. And find them I did. Most of them. (It's really hard to find Dutch-Processed cocoa powder around here. Hershey's seems to be the only option.)
I also found this: 
It's a Red Dragonfruit. I have seen photos of regular Dragonfruit, which has a white interior speckled with those tiny black seeds, but never a Red. Surprisingly, this was one of the Local Food options, grown right here in Florida. I picked one up just for fun, and Hubband and I tucked into it that evening. With such a vibrant, aggressively-colored fruit, one might expect a big flavor, but this fruit is amazingly mild. It is sort of reminiscent of a pear crossed with a kiwi, and a hint of watermelon aftertaste. Very interesting. The texture is soft; you don't really need to chew it, just squash it against the roof of your mouth with your tongue for a burst of juice. The little black seeds are very similar to Kiwi fruit, crunchy, tiny and slick. It was a beautiful fun fruit, but I'm not sure I would ever hanker for one they way I might for grapes or pineapple. It would be beautiful in a fruit salad. 

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