Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Read Nie-Nie

I wonder if you've heard of Nie-Nie. Stephanie Nielson, she of the paper silhouettes , back-to-school-dinners, and nearly fatal plane crash. A woman of faith and a woman of hope.

Have you heard of her sister, C Jane? Courtney Jane, who took in three of her sister's children while Nie recovered, who rejoices in the little things but isn't afraid to talk about wanting some big ones.

Both are Mormon, (I am not) both are mothers, (I am not) but both are very inspiring to me. They are unafraid to discuss their shortcomings, unafraid to discuss faith and loss, body-image and love, cake and Mormon-inspired vegetarianism. They will also willingly delight in a fabulous pair of shoes.

I've been reading both for well over a year, and I'm not really sure why I've decided today to blog about them. Maybe it's because I noticed this morning that when I don't have much time, and cannot check in on every blog I've bookmarked, those are two that are never skipped. I always check in on Nie and C Jane and their families.

Do you read Nie Nie?

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Sweet Disorder Photography and Design said...

I do! I agree with you that it's great that they can blog about insecurities and losses. I really admire that. Also I painted a sillouette a few months ago and felt like a tiny bit of Nie maybe rubbed off on me. :)
I just stumbled across your blog today and practically drooled all over my keyboard looking at the pictures of the delicious treats you made! Wow!